People’s History Museum (PHM) recently approached us with their amazing idea for a home activity with the kids: “I Spy … Nature”

Patterns in nature have been used to decorate some of our favourite banners at the museum.

Download this PDF onto your phone or tablet, or print off a copy and head out into the garden or go for a walk – How many will you find? Take a photo, draw your discoveries or collect them in your very own treasure box.

Great for ages 3 – 10

This is brand new and has not been launched yet. Please get in touch with Liz at with any comments about how this could be improved to better meet your family’s needs.

Download the Activity Sheets

A Little Request

People’s History Museum was kind enough to pilot this new resource with Manchester’s SEND families.

Please kindly message us or email PHM directly if you have any comments about the activity, including how it can be improved for SEND families.