After my son got a diagnosis of ASD at 2 years old, I felt alone. The waiting lists for SALT, OT and other services seemed endless. A few parents have approached me with the same heartache and I want that to change.

Alongside MPCF I hope to develop a group with a difference, coffee mornings with an edge, and a lifetime of friendships and support.

The group is going to be based over 2 areas of Manchester to try to help get parents/carers the support they need.

We hope to bring in a variety of sessions with various professionals for workshops, sessions and Q&A so we as parents/carers can learn strategies and techniques to help our children whilst on waiting lists. We want to reward the ‘hidden heroes ‘ – the siblings, cousins, friends of those who help our children throughout their journey. We want to provide a safety net for parents/carers who dont know where to turn at their time in need.

I want us to come together, share experiences, celebrate the success, and support each other at the time of need.

I really hope that this group sounds exciting, and parents/carers across Manchester feel this is what they need. As soon as details get finalised I will share with you all, and I hope as it materialises you’re there by my side to build something that could help all parents/carers past, present and future.

Thanks for reading.