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Planning Session with Educational Psychologists

Following a planning session that we had with One Education (educational psychologists) and some parents & carers back in January, we have decided to have Anxiety-Based School Avoidance as the topic for one of the parent workshops that we will deliver this year. To

“Anxiety Based School Avoidance” Training Event

This is an online training event for the recently published Anxiety Based School Avoidance guidance from Manchester City Council: It is aimed primarily at schools but parents/carers can also take part. Below is the official event description from the local authority: This session will define

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Anxiety Based School Avoidance – Manchester Schools Guidance Document

Manchester City Council recently published their "Anxiety Based School Avoidance" guidance for schools. The document was co-produced with parents and carers in Manchester and "describes the factors that play a part in what used to be called ‘school refusal’, as well as sharing best practice

Co-Production : Parent Moderation of EHCPs, Good Practice in Early Years, Anxiety Pathway

To celebrate Co-Production Week, we asked various partners from Manchester’s Education, Health and Care services to reflect and share with us how co-production has helped them deliver provision to families of children and young people with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND). Here is a