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SEND-Friendly Vaccination Clinic for Children Aged 5-17

Manchester Health and Care Commissioning has set up an accessible COVID-19 vaccination clinic for children and young people aged 5 to 17 who are at serious clinical risk* from the complications of the virus. Accommodations that they will be providing include: Health play specialists

Parent/ Carer Q&A – COVID Vaccination in Special Schools

You might be aware that COVID-19 vaccinations for those aged 12 and up have started rolling out since the end of last year. This Questions and Answer (Q&A) session is for parents and carers of children/ young people age 12-17 who attend specialist support

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Vaccination of 12-15 Year Olds (Specific SEND Cohort)

We have been informed by Manchester Health and Care Commissioning that Manchester is now vaccinating the 12 -15 year old specific cohort below as per the JVCI guidance: Those with severe neuro-disability and/or neuromuscular conditions that compromise respiratory function are eligible for a vaccine. This