We heard that some families are having difficulty posting entries so we decided to extend the deadline to 3pm today.
If you’re finding it difficult to post on our page, please try the following:
✅ If you can’t post from the Facebook app, please open our Facebook page on a browser instead.
✅ You can also send your entry to us via Messenger and one of our volunteers will post your entry for you.
✅ Alternatively, you can email us your child’s design and we can post it publicly on your behalf.

This festive season, we are looking to develop a virtual card-sending feature on our website, so Manchester’s SEND community can send free virtual Christmas cards to family and friends.

Can You Help?

To be able to do this, we want YOUR help for the cover designs of our Christmas cards!

Please support our project by submitting some homemade artworks that we can use as a cover for the virtual cards.

Submissions can be sent by posting a photo of your SEND child’s or young person’s design at https://facebook.com/mpcfinfo.

Card Design Competition

Once you’ve posted your design, it will show up on our Community page. Please encourage your friends to Like and Share the work.

Submissions will be accepted until 3pm of Tuesday, 22 December.

The top 3 entries with the most Likes and Hearts by closing date will be declared winners.

Winning entries will be used for our virtual Christmas cards. Your child/family will be acknowledged in the card and on our website. Winners will be given a £10 Asda or Amazon voucher.

Submit a Design

Sample Christmas Card Design

Here’s an example of how the virtual Christmas cards will look like:

Please use the arrows to navigate this virtual card. There’s a button to go on Full Screen Mode for a larger view.


We would like to thank the Stone family for sharing this design with us.