Together achieving better decisions and brighter futures for Manchester families of children and young people aged 0-25 with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)


SEND Survey 2017 Results

In May, we published a survey asking fellow parent-carers to share what they think about the different Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) services available for their child/ young person. We collated the (anonymised) data in June and presented them to various service providers across the city. The information we received truly was helpful in our completion of the 2017 SEND Implementation Survey that was given to different Parent-Carer Forums (PCFs) across the country. And now, we are pleased to publish the survey results for all of you.

Listed below are the fifteen questions included in the survey, together with images showing a graph and a table of responses, as well as additional comments made in response to questions 7 through 15. Please click on a photo to make it bigger and click/tap on “Click this to view comments for this question.” to view comments.

Alternatively, you can scroll to the bottom of this article to view all graphs and tables in a single scrollable slideshow.

Q1: Please tell us the first 2 or 3 letters of your postcode – eg M4 or M40

Q2: What is your child’s gender? (If you have more than one child/young person with SEND, if possible please fill in a separate survey for each one – thank you)

Q3: What age range is your child or young person?

Q4: What type of education setting does your child or young person go to?

Q5: What type of needs has your child been assessed as having? Tick as many as apply.

Q6: What is your child’s/ young person’s ethnicity?

Q7: Please tell us how well you think your child/young person’s needs are being met by Education? e.g. Schools, IAS, EHCPs etc.

  • School doesn’t have enough resources to meet my child’s needs, e.g. Not enough input from SALT or OT, of whom parents don’t even have access to or get to make appointments to see, IAS don’t have enough staff to be able to come to meetings with parents to
  • My 2 asd boys are in 2 different SEN schools as there was no places in my older boys school, what has made me so upset and angry is I was told by the Local Authority that they don’t give priority to siblings in SEN school!!! I can understand if they have different needs but both my boys have asd and the same needs and I feel it is discrimination to not give SEN school siblings priority for the same school places!!! Why do mainstream school siblings get priority for the same school?? I have asked the LA this and nobody can give me a straight answer!! Its not good enough! Also I have 3 children in 3 different schools and the LA do not take this in to consideration. I understand the needs of the child comes first but surely they should consider the family dynamic as a whole. Also they should consider what the stress of having 3 children in 3 different schools can do to the parents and how it can affect the patents mental health! Their solution is for one of my boys to be taken on the school transport, they collect him at 8.50am which gives me 10 minutes to get my two other boys to two different schools (a 10 minute walk and a 20 minute walk away from my house!!) And I don’t drive!! This is just not do-able! I fully understand the needs of the child should and will always come first but I really think the LA should really consider taking the situation of the family into consideration aswell!!
  • It has been a ongoing battle to get school to do the same toliet rountine as at home. Sometimes do not feel the school understand the reasons behind my childs behaviour. Can’t be certain that school follow out what is agreed on the EHCP
  • Much stronger language I’d use. Staff have no idea of his needs even though I constantly tell them! No visual timetable, coloured pens on board, clear walls, desk on own etc. School Sen I says SPD does not affect him in school!
  • Not at all – won’t take on board behaviour we experience outside school. Typical sad meltdown at end of day. Won’t follow continence programme or sensory diet.
  • This was not the case until recently when he finally got an EHCP and was placed in a special school. Prior to that, his needs were very poorly met by the LA and the education services.
  • With out the support of Lancasterian School and family support, I would not know how to support my child, and there is no other services for family support.
  • Their are both funded 25.5 hr per and they dont get the 121
  • Mainstream tried hard but failed him despite EHCP and 1:1 support; which were put in place too late, only after he/the school clearly were in crisis, despite an early diagnosis. In the end he was suffering major exclusion, not allowed to go swimming (which he now does every week!), only attending half days and (on the advice of autism outreach, to reduce anxiety) taking part in lessons only when he wanted, which wasn’t very often! The LEA statutory assessment officer was helpful to get him an emergency transfer to a new independent school but they had to look outside the authority as nothing was available or suitable in Manchester; he is very academically able but with severe social/emotional needs. Now he is in his fourth week at the new school and seems to be doing really well. It is very clear from our experiences that no matter how inclusive everyone wants mainstream to be, for some children it just isn’t possible, because of the high numbers in class which mean the teacher doesn’t have the time to engage and distractions, sensory issues etc. are inevitably greater.
  • A few good teachers but most just don’t care, it’s easier to punish the child than find ways to help.
  • Having had to fight to find the education that meets my son’s needs has been extremely difficult and i am still having to fight each year for what should automatically be his right
  • Cuts to the service mean he is being supported by staff who are not qualified/fully trained to support deaf children. A few hours deaf awareness does not make a person trained in specific deaf education.
  • However I am fed up of every year being asked/told that he needs to be assessed to move to a different school… I know this is down to transport cost, this should not be a factor!
  • School are like an extended family
  • Awaiting ehcp…..ridiculosly long wait after assessment
  • Nursery placement are adequately meeting his needs
  • But they are under massive strain and future cuts will mean less 1 t o1 for my child
  • Getting the school to understand my child is hard work and stressful . And they seem yo just want reports rather than what thr child need the school dont have the resorses to help my child and also they find it hard to get the out sidr help they need.
  • The school is amazing
  • Supportive teacher this year!
  • Plenty of talk about interventions but not taking place!
  • She struggled with reading and writing
  • My son is expected to learn just the same as peer group although he has many issues and is a practical learner. I call it square peg Round hole
  • Just moved to specialist school so cannot assess that yet. Mainstream failed my son.
  • We’re currently looking for what will be the third school in a space of two years for her to attend due to the current setting not being able to “meet her needs”
  • Primary School are mainly really good, but I’m starting to worry about High School and my son is desperate to know where he’s going, even though he’s only in year three. Trying to explain the application process and timescales is difficult. He wants to know now and he wants to talk to his friends older siblings to hear about their experiences. His friends know where they are going because they have older brothers and sisters in high school but I can’t guarantee to my son that he will be going to the same school as his friends. This makes him really upset.
  • 3 school in 6 mths and now our of schools again.
  • I have tried and tried to no avail to get him help but every time I come up against a brick wall .. really disappointed with the school and worry for my sons future .
  • nOt enough Deaf schools for my daughter to have friends. No Deaf friends and only one teacher talk to her . Need more Deaf awareness.
  • Excellent service from educationDetailed
  • A few months ago, this would have been a not very well. This is because my child’s EHCP review was last year, after asking for several amendments with regards to putting some clarity and specifics in the Plan, the email from school and the LA got lost, therefore nothing was done. Nearly a year on, I managed to organise by myself another meeting with School and the LA to get on with my child’s plan and to put in specifics, enabling the plan to be clear and not ‘woolly’. This is a review that should have been completed last Summer, and is nearly there, almost a year on!
  • As best they can, he has an unusual combination of disabilities
  • School needs to engage more with parents!

Q8: Please tell us how well you think your child/young person’s needs are being met by Health? e.g. CAMHS, SALT, Physio, OT etc.

  • Not enough SALT or OT, they don’t see my child regularly, staff deliver some of this service, but in my experience SALT or OT don’t even reply to email/ telephone message when a parent tries to contact them. SALT input/report for my child’s EHC plan wasn’t completed on time/ it still isn’t, and will be added to the appendices, when parents have to stick to deadlines, why can’t SALT and OT? My child needs intensive SALT and OT , EHC plans need to be person centred to meet a child’s needs, to give the child best start in life, then resources, provision should be put in place to meet those needs. I feel my child is being let down by lack of OT and SALT!
  • OT first refused to accept him on their list now after re-referal they have finally put him on the list but have been told I could wait 2 years for see him! I need the help now! I feel we could do with knowing how much SLT he is getting at his SEN school?!
  • I have had good expereince with CAMHS but are rarely seen by OT or SALT. I think the teachers follow out the guildlines.
  • Was under camps but has now been discharged
  • All help upto now is brilliant
  • Any input that he gets is through the school.
  • Lancasterian Sensory Support and family support have been excellent, and educating me to educate, understand and support my daughter.
  • CAMHS have been brilliant, excellent psychology team; psychologists somewhat less helpful but we got there in the end with intervention from the psychologist and he now has ADHD medication which is working well. His OT assessment was also excellent, very thorough with lots of good advice and some things (like mild dyspraxia) which we hadn’t realised.
  • Good for medication useless for anything else. Nothing else on offer.
  • My son has not been seen by CAMHS for a number of years as he does not like to be assessed
  • Although this is now carried out in school I feel I a little left without much contact with the professionals in the community
  • CAMHS are great, ed psychs and slts have waiting lists that are beyond ridiculous and in the mean time our children fall further behind.
  • No involvement with them at all but I wish I had some
  • the waiting time to see professionals are ridiculous, they do not even bother inputting into my childs EHCP
  • Not enough staff, no funding for services
  • I think my child needs more input from SALT as he is non verbal but showing an interest to interact with others & is babbling alot.
  • Excellent input from all the professionals involved in his care
  • But slow progress as not enough staff
  • They dont get my child camhs we waited 8 month to see the person we were seeinv it seem fab at the beging they were on the ball but thrn every thing stopped i was have mega problems with my child i rang them 45 time and left messages but they never got back to me. Then a teacher from school rang and i had an appointmemt the next week. Its really frustating that as a mother i dont get listened to
  • There are many perfestionals thats just think im an over protective mother. And they dot seem to listen
  • We had to change CAMHS!
  • Barely any input.
  • Not enough input with OT and SALT.
  • All home-related support disappeared as soon as she started in a mainstream school, which she has since left.
  • CAMHS were great up until the diagnosis, but now there’s a sense of being abandoned and left to get on with it. The only support seems to be Riding the Rapids which is impossible to access as a working parent. I’ve spoken to one of their nurses about alternatives and was promised a response which I have never received. I’ve also emailed the team at Wythenshawe Hospital to ask about alternatives but didn’t receive a response
  • Camhs awful but physio excellent
  • He’s been discharged after diagnosis
  • Good appointments
  • Health services are totally inadequate and fit for purpose
  • Detailed professionals involved in his care have promoted his health and wellbeing
  • My child has significant difficulties, is mainly non-verbal, has lots of sensory issues, and therefore requires a lot of speech and Lang. therapy and Occupational Therapy on a daily basis in order for her needs to be met and for her to be able to learn and get on with her school day and thrive. Unfortunately the reports that the SALT and the OT contribute to an EHC plan, in my opinion are not clear, specific or quantified, which was the case for my child. Therefore unfortunately clarity is lacking from my child’s plan, due to these unclear reports. The Code of practice and the Law states differently, a plan should be clear and precise, leaving no room for doubt whatsoever.
  • Not enough health input, waiting lists too long, only so much can be provided by school but could do with specialist health input.
  • Salt are a disgrace. In his statement, not seen since junior school.
  • OT great

Q9: Please tell us how well you think your child/young person’s needs are being met by Social Care? e.g. Short Breaks etc.

  • Holidays are particularly difficult, Saturday club provision should be open on Saturdays non-term time too, I need at least 4 weeks playscheme in the year, even that isn’t enough, and only get two weeks for the whole year!
  • Good now but i have 2 asd boys, when i did the meeting for my oldest i was told they would not do my 2nd boy at the same time so had to call another number for a referal and waited 5 months to be seen!! Now both boys finally get short breaks.
  • I have a social worker so could get me more shortbreaks but when she tried to at the panel they were trying to cut them so have been left with the same. Don’t feel your individual circumstances are fully taken into account.
  • We do not get enough hours for her to totally enjoy life .
  • Rubbish
  • Not at all! I have had a mental breakdown and on medication. My husband is depressed and on medication. My other 2 children have little time with myself as son is so demanding.
  • Never claimed
  • Why did Manchester not get funding for playscheme at Easter when Stockpot and Trafford were funded? At one time 4 weeks were offered now only two. These are vital help for us as carers.
  • We are happy with the money we get from short breaks – it has enabled us to take him swimming and to a music class for children with additional needs .He has been on a waiting list to join a Saturday club locally for kids with special needs at a local sure start but there is a long wait. Perhaps more of these clubs would be useful. He is desperate to make friends and I find that there isn’t much out there e.g social skills groups etc where children can be taught to interact and form friendships with each other.
  • After completing the DLA form I will apply for short brakes.
  • My son does not have a social worker
  • As a single working parent i have many difficulties during school holidays
  • The care worker needs us to be around all the time
  • I don’t know how to access this help
  • We get enhanced short breaks. However when we used the befriending service we wasn’t very happy at constantly being let down. We now stick to plqyschemes during the summer holidays!
  • Meeting all his needs and beyond
  • but again slow steps as not enough staff
  • Only just got diagnosed so only just started looking into this but its more parent who have sent me in the right direction
  • I have only just appled for these but there doesnt seem to be much comutication but fo understand they are busy
  • Just not a lot of it!
  • Not enough.
  • When she have career for 4 hours she is very happy with her just now she not have
  • I can not get a social worker allocated I a. At breaking point caring for 3 children 2 with disabilities and a relative aged 94 . I am already on anti depressants. I need practical help.
  • We appreciate the direct payment, it allows her to take part in activities she enjoys, but hiring care is difficult and the funds do not cover enough time
  • He recieved direct payment for swimming, which he attends every week that is great. The problem is in my area there isn’t many other activities available. Blackley in general lacks activity centres for children and therfore thete arent any sen sessions etc. For young children.
  • Having to travel a great distance to access suitable groups and leisure
  • More options for staffed breaks like tge Saturday club eould be helpful. Sport focused ones would interest my daughter. I would be happybto stay on premesis.
  • difficult to sort out for deaf.
  • Lack of facilities outside school time
  • Everything we need has been provided
  • My child used to have four weeks playscheme during the school holidays fir the year, which isn’t a lot anyway, but this has been further reduced now to only two weeks. It is particularly difficult to manage my child during school holidays too.
  • Massive delays getting a disb buggy
  • I am fighting to get any kind of social care, I’ve even been to the LGO on the matter but they could only insist on reassessment of need
  • Impossible to get a designated social worker
  • Quite well but again waiting times to be seen after first referral too long, have to practically beg for help and unless you are having a break down they think you are coping fine when in reality you are just doing your best to get from day to day. Also big differences in what help people receive, you/your child may have same needs as another person but they may be getting a lot more help than you depending who they saw from short breaks etc.
  • 17 years so not adult service and children’s not keen to assess at this point. No Transition worker!

Q10: Overall how satisfied are you with the ongoing monitoring and assessment of your child/young person’s needs by Education, Health and Social Care?

  • See comments above
  • Ok but feel i could do with more support and be made to feel more involved.
  • It seems no sevice contactts me themselves I have to chase them
  • They are not good at reaching there targets and we are still in midair as to what’s happening in september.communication is not good ,I spend a lot of time chasing people it’s very frustrating.
  • No join up
  • Not at all – no communication between services
  • Lancasterian Sensory Support have informed me and supported her educational and health needs.
  • I think everyone has been winging it a bit and his EHCP needs a good overhauling as his needs are so complex; his second annual review is due in July which will be with his new specialist school. They are wanting to get to know him as an individual rather than just going by the EHCP, which I think is sensible, as reading between the lines with the kind of pupils they take in, I think a lot of EHCPs aren’t worth the paper they are written on! Ours isn’t too bad but could be tightened up quite a bit.
  • School are the only people actively supporting us
  • I don’t have access to social care and health
  • they do not understand my childs needs or how to support us as a family
  • Excellent professionals involved in his care.
  • Nothing to do with individual staff its just not enough, massive gaps between meeting/assessments
  • As this is new at the min. I feel there is still lots to sort out and do.
  • Education is not an issuse. Health just seem to like to ignore you and they no best when they only see my child for all of an hour every six months. Its nice that there is social carr there as i wouldnt no much without them.
  • No sicial care whatsoever. Health, My gp has had to request referral to community paediatrics 3 times before they accepted!
  • Because them just decided my daughter need 18 hours in the week hopefully that helps her
  • 8 years I have been gping round in circles from my child has been 4 he is now 12 and still going round in circles. We provide EHCP and then setting do not follow EHCP decide to treat all children the same although they all have different needs.
  • We have had to drive any reviews. The forms seem to be very generic (we compared ours to another one and huge chunks the same!), not SMART objectives
  • We could do with more support. I have found most information has to be sourced independently by parents, it is extremely hard work keeping on top of all your child’s needs
  • We have regular meetings at school, but health are no longer involved.
  • School failing to safe guard my child, lack of support and team around the child meetings just not happening.
  • Never had been assessed
  • Lack of monitoring and progress reporting as would be expected
  • Keep up the excellent work all proffessional
  • I have explained in detail above, thankyou
  • Nobody at annual review unless I chase them
  • It could always be better.
  • Too early to say

Q11: How well do services and professionals work together to support your child/young person?

  • It does feel like you are repeating the same information back and forth as there is a underlaying backdown in commuication between them
  • Lack of communication.and not working together.
  • My child’s consultant-comm pead has written all his needs and what support he needs – none of which have been used/offered
  • Services don’t communicate at all
  • Our experience is different now that he is in special education where there is a real effort to make sure that he is doing ok not just from an educational point of view but medically and socially, however, this is very recent and prior to this there was little input from services, let alone communication together, it only happened when things got to rock bottom and he became a danger to himself and others.
  • I am really grateful of the services and professionalism.
  • Could be better
  • Excellent assessments and reports have been done, but there is no follow-up as to how recommendations are carried out in school and several assessments have had to be at least partially redone as the assessors changed – his initial Ed Psych assessment for the EHCP was carried out by a private company brought in by school, but they ran over-budget looking into the complexities of his case and it was taken over by the CAMHS Ed Psych (who agreed with them).
  • They don’t.
  • Little contact with anyone other than school
  • The school is the only people that support me
  • Seems like they dont know what each other is doing. Communication is poor between these bodies
  • Over and above support throughout
  • stuck record but they’re under alot of stress
  • Getting them altogether is hard and they dont seem to talk to one another.
  • Education have tried there hardest to make health see my childs needs but they just dont list and alot of it always comes down to funding
  • Very slow communication if any!
  • I’m always having to prompt communication between these services.
  • I am not happy with that
  • Everything is talking no action never have anything to bring to the table regards to options for your child or being creative in meeting the yoing persons needs.
  • Various departments are not in touch with each other. If it were not for our current health visitor who is supposed to be here regarding our new son, we would not have someone willing to link all the various services together. She has taken it upon herself to help us in this regard, despite not being here professionally to deal with our daughter.
  • School and CAMHS seem to have a very good relationship
  • All professionals have supported my child excellently
  • I am told that services and professionals are stretched and it’s difficult to meet my child’s needs. This doesn’t help my child, who has significant learning difficulties, language difficulties, vast sensory disorders, etc. A child has needs, and those needs must be met in order for progress and the child to have a good start and to be able to get on with the rest of their life, which is what they deserve, no less!
  • school not well but professionals not associated with school OK
  • Social care fail in this respect
  • Only when I ask for it to happen
  • Other agencies do not turn up for reviews
  • Other agencies do not turn up for reviews
  • There is not always good communication between the different services!

Q12: As a parent/carer how involved are you in setting targets/outcomes for your child/young person?

  • The local authority wrote my sons targets, i didn’t get a say in what was put down. I was just told what was happeneing and that was that! (That was for the first final copy of EHCP)
  • Not always sure if are being carried out in reality
  • At school reviews my opinion is never listened to.
  • I am just learning about my daughter’s condition and very much need the family support from the Lancasterian Sensory Support.
  • Im not . As i know nothing . Im only the perent and carer
  • I was involved with all meetings but didn’t really have the understanding or knowledge to contribute effectively and felt that some of my concerns, about PDA-like behaviour, were not given due consideration because central Manchester CAMHS don’t diagnose for PDA specifically. This is fine in the context of the psychology but in working practice – behavioural management – there is a very clear distinction between classic high-functioning autism (Aspergers) and PDA, and schools especially do not have up to date training. I had been trying to advise the school about PDA for a year before they finally listened to autism outreach and you would think it was all their own idea and nothing of mine!
  • Not through choice, get promises of meetings that don’t materialise.
  • Completely informed at all stages and listened to by the professionals
  • Feel im just not listened to and every one involved seems to no whats best for my child.
  • Exucation again i would give very good but health seem to no better than parents.
  • It’s always decided before I get to an appt!
  • Although I am very involved very supportive my views are not valued that why I have had to take my son out of setting at present and awaiting mediation
  • I try my best, but it is a full time job.
  • My son sets his own targets with his teacher and they tell me about it at meetings.
  • I am not listened too.
  • We are asked our opinion in the review but that is only once-twHi Joshua are you feeling better now. How was your day at school. Twice per year.
  • don’t understand
  • Question and options don’t make sense
  • Professionals listen to parents views
  • The School usually sets the targets, but this time on my child’s EHCP I was on board with what my child’s plan required, fortunately having attended the IPSEA training, and therefore I had to persuade the school trying to get in various amendments, this was very hard, as the School told me they don’t usually put in amendments, which is not correct information! Anyway in the end, amendments were put into the EHC plan, as I managed to get someone from the stat tfr team to the meeting.
  • not at all in school – they didn’t do it but for EHCP we can do
  • I was not involved at all for one of my sons but a bit more involved for my other son.
  • Only because I enforce this, I feel this is a real issue for those it in a position to be able to assert themselves in such a way to ensure that are included
  • Very. I’m the only one who knows what’s going on.

Q13: How easy do you find it to get information about what services are available and what they do?

  • I don’t find the local offer website that easy to use! I have difficulty findong things sometimes!
  • You have to reasearch yourself or find out bits by other parents
  • I ask or look on the local offer .
  • I don’t hAve time to wade through MCR page due to my caring needs
  • When a child is diagnosed with difficulties it would be useful if we could be given a dossier of activities available in the community which we could access
  • The only thing I do is look on the local offer website and also talk with other parent carers and pick things up that way.
  • Very difficult, not much where to get and look for information and without the Lancasterian Sensory Support I would have been lost!
  • I have done a lot of research, attended courses, joined local and online support groups, and now have a better idea than most parents (I think) of how things should work, but it has taken a long time and a lot of effort to get this far and initially I was completely at sea and just had to accept at face value whatever services I was pointed to; fortunately they have all been very helpful and supportive.
  • School let us know about services but even trying to access them is difficult
  • Abundance of help from all the professionals involved in his care
  • Im new to this apart from parents informing me of thing. But getting my head around every thinv is over welming
  • I think other parent help alot more than any professianls
  • Because here not my first language and I don’t know the rules and my situation
  • As my daughter is very young and we had to wait until she bit older then decide what the best service for her.
  • There needs to be a hub, which you can visit, that is open all the time, with people who understand or can refer you to someone who does.
  • I know about local offer.. I have accessed it many times. There is no local events, i dont drive so public transport is my option and this can be difficult.
  • nothing for deaf children deaf parents only night time too late
  • You just have to ask and look
  • No clear pathway
  • Not easy at all, a lot of times its other parents who tell you what they get or what help etc you should or could be getting.
  • Total minefield! Unless you understand or know exactly what you are looking for (and the right words to use) it’s ver difficult

Q14: Have you heard of the SEND Local Offer?

Q15: If you have used the SEND Local Offer did you find the information you were looking for?

  • Sometimes i can find things but with a lot of time and effort!
  • The local offer is boring not colourful enough and hard to navigate .I don’t use it slot
  • I never used SEND Local Offer
  • There was not a lot on the Local offer in my area – M19
  • Not used it
  • My child’s needs are NOT being met in universal services and he doesn’t qualify for additional support. Emotional anxious depression poor social skills, suicidal
  • Went for interview and pointers and info but just universal services, but my son requires 1:1 so I have to stay with him
  • There is no information for visual impaired children without Lancasterian Family Support, I would not been aware of the survey or of any of the activities or information or how to support my child.
  • have not heard of it
  • Dont even know about it
  • I must admit the difficulty put me off trying again and I haven’t used it since several re-tweaks so it could be easier to use now; at the time I tried, a year ago, I was frustrated by not being able to widen my search out from a central point but instead you had to look in individual areas which in an area the size of Manchester requires an unfeasible knowledge of geography! It was also difficult to separate SEND from normal activities, or to be offered novel alternatives – e.g. not just sport, but dance, craft etc. to choose from.
  • The local offer is too big to find services and the searches do not work
  • My only concern is the reduction in the support my son receives from Lancasterian Sensory Servic, the support will be reduced as from September who will support the families in hospital completing forms and offering help with emotional and practical issues around my Childs vision. No family support for the over 5s, thats no school support or trips to the park, information or help with eye condition or hospital support, support for equipment, benefits and DLA etc.
  • I may well have but remembered thier offical title
  • It’s basically a ‘what you would have won if…..’ an unreachable goal.
  • It’s a terrible website, basically just page upon page of links, half of which you click to then find the activity is not relevant to your child. It should have a calendar of events. There is not enough activities listed, many things are left off the list.
  • All school holiday clubs in my area (East Manchester) are sports related. My son hates sports and is desperate to learn about IT. He loves coding and wants to make videos and computer games. I work full time and would be willing to pay for something like this, but can’t find anywhere where I can leave him while we go to work.
  • No information for deaf children and what to do
  • Thankyou for reading
  • Not yet used it
  • But I know many other parents who don’t/ haven’t
  • Search mechanism needs serious review
  • I found it a bit hard as i am not brilliant with technology.
  • I still fee there is much improvement needed in making this relevant and MUCH more user friendly

A massive “Thank You!” to everyone who took time to respond to our survey. Our collective views are vital in helping shape and influence the services that we all use as families of children and young people with SEND. Together, we can achieve better decisions and brighter futures for families of children and young people aged 0-25 with SEND in Manchester.

Summary of SEND Survey Responses:

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  1. Margarette Lee-Chapman July 17, 2017 at 12:19 pm - Reply

    Information, Advice and Support Manchester have carefully read the outcome from the survey and are considering what actions can be taken to support the findings.

  2. Bernadette Brooks July 17, 2017 at 1:55 pm - Reply

    It would be interesting to spilt the responses into primary and secondary age pupils so that we know, for example, how satisfied parents of secondary age pupils are with provision in education.

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