On 27th May, Solange posted a message on Facebook, saying the forum is available to any parents who feel that they need some support in light of the emotional week that Manchester and the UK has just experienced, and that we are SO PROUD to be Manchester’s Parent Carer Forum. She also spoke of the recently concluded SEND Survey as well as our coffee mornings, the next one of which will be during Carers Week at the Lifted Carers Centre on Thursday the 15th.

Here’s the poster for our Carers Week coffee morning, with Solange’s full message at the bottom below:

poster for MPCF's Carers Week coffee morning at Lifted Carers Centre on 15th June

Hello Everyone
It has been a shocking, heartbreaking and emotional week and we just want to let you know we are here if any of our parent carers need support. We have signed the book of condolences at Manchester Town Hall on behalf of the Forum. We are proud to be the Parent Carer Forum of Manchester, a city of the most strong, caring, resilient and compassionate people! ❤️💙💛💚💜🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝💪🏼💪🏿💪🏾💪🏽💪🏼
On Wednesday we held our first coffee morning at Grange School. We met lots of fantastic parents who kindly shared their views on services across Manchester.
Our survey closed on Friday to which we got an unprecedented amount of responses from parent carers across Manchester. The results will be presented and are agenda items at the next Local Offer Review Board (14/06/17) and SEND Board (23/06/17). Both boards are attended by various leads, commissioners and directors of services. We will of course be publishing all information on our website for everyone to access.
Our next coffee morning will be held at Lifted Carers Centre on the 15/06/17. We hope to see you there!
Take care