It was a busy week last few weeks for the Forum in June and July. We had the chance to present the results of our survey at the Local Offer review meeting, which left some services in shock to say the least!

Then we sat down with these heads of services again (Education, Health etc) to work on producing a Co-production charter, which basically is a commitment from all involved to work together at all stages in development, design, delivery and review of services in SEND for our children and young people. It looks like we are making good progress in this but will definitely need a couple more meetings to finalise it. Once done, it will be a hugh step towards the “better decisions, better futures” that we all want.

On the Thursday, 15th June, the coffee morning at Lifted was calm and relaxed. This was followed by a coffee morning at Talbot House in the north, on Wednesday the 12th of this month. Really lovely to come together with people that truly understand. Can’t wait for the next one and to meet more of our amazing parent-carers!

Please see below a few images from the two coffee mornings that we held in June and July.