We recently received the following message from Sarah Maunder, who is the Fundraising Officer for Stockdales:


I work for Stockdales in Sale, we are a Charity who support Adults & Children with Learning Disabilities and we are re-launching our Dream Days Project.

Dream Days is a special ‘wish’ based project that helps children, young people and adults with learning disabilities to make their dreams come true. Something they can cherish forever, however long their journey.

A Dream might be something that person may not normally be able to experience without additional care and support. Stockdales fund the whole dream and provide the staff support they need.

They can either share their dream day with family or friends or it may be something they would like to achieve independently with support from Stockdales.

Here are a few ideas, but there are no limits to what can be considered!

  • A night away from home in an exciting new place….. Take a trip to the seaside, go to a music festival, go camping in a forest?
  • Experience the thrills of a big event, a football match, a pop concert, a day at the races, see a big stage show in London or the filming of your favorite TV show.
  • Challenge yourself to experience something new and exciting…. Try out canoeing, fly in a hot air balloon, drive a racing car!
  • Treat yourself to a makeover, be a model for a day or take a trip to see the sights in London & visit Buckingham palace
  • Do something really exciting with your friends or family, maybe have a romantic meal for two with someone special?

So now we need some “Dreamers”, to tell us what their dream would be and we will try and make it come true!

The Dream Team are meeting at the beginning of April to review the applications and pick a Dreamer (please see attached guidelines for this process). But hopefully, we will be able to make lots of dreams come true this year!

Please can you share this for me and help spread the word? You and your colleagues are welcome to refer potential dreamers to us too.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or require any further information.

Kind regards
Sarah Maunder
Fundraising Officer

Stockdales is Sale-based charity that is dedicated to helping people with learning disabilities live life to the full. They run several services for people with a wide range of abilities and needs: Residential services, Community services, Home Care Support, Clubs, and Dream Days.

Dream Days is a ‘wish’-based project that helps children, young people and adults with learning disabilities to make their dreams come true. It aims to bring people together, as the Dreamers’ families can join in too. Please visit www.stockdales.org.uk/what-we-do/dream-days for more information, including how to apply for a “Dream Day”.