During the summer holidays, as we were driving past a huge gym, my daughter who has special needs desperately needed the toilet. I immediately drove into the car park of the fitness centre and asked my elder two children to take their younger sister to the toilet. To my utter disbelief the manager had refused them entry to use the disabled toilet. I was really annoyed and upset and I went in with some disability proof to speak to the manager.

After refusing again – and I wasn’t going to walk away – he said, “ok she can use the toilet just this once, but she can’t come back in again!”

He saw us as a nuisance and just wanted rid of us!

After my daughter had used the toilet, I asked her to sign “Thank you” which she did. The manager didn’t even acknowledge us and continued to stare at his computer screen, how rude!

I left and thought that I need to do something about this and I wrote a very long email to customer services. I received a prompt reply apologising, saying that it is the policy not to let non-members use the toilets, but that they also expect staff to use their initiative too!

Please feel free to share similar experiences.