Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) is currently doing a review of the services that children and young people with complex needs access. The aim of the review is to find out:

  • What is working well and how can other areas and services learn from this?
  • How can outcomes be improved by servces working together better.

The Council for Disabled Children (CDC) has been commissioned to run one-to-one interviews with children and young people with complex needs, as well as their parent-carers.

They would like Manchester’s SEND families to participate in these interviews.

Parent-carer interviews will be conducted by Anna Gill, the parent of a young man with complex needs and an experienced trainer, over the phone.

Interviews with children and young people (CYP) will be conducted by Philippa Watts in their school, college or group setting. Philippa is experienced in working with children and young people who are non-verbal and/or have low literacy.

Interviews will take place at a time which is convenient for the participants.

The parent-carer and CYP are separate so if you would like to participate but your child would not, or vice versa, that is fine.

All participants will receive a £15 Love2Shop voucher for their time.

If you are interested in participating, or would like further information, please contact:

Flyer for the GMCA Complex Needs Service Review, showing details of the initiative + logos of GMCA and CDC