Manchester City Council recently published their “Anxiety Based School Avoidance” guidance for schools.

The document was co-produced with parents and carers in Manchester and “describes the factors that play a part in what used to be called ‘school refusal’, as well as sharing best practice in identifying and supporting those at risk of not attending school as a result of anxiety.”


You can view the document below or download it using the button above.

The document is meant as a guidance for schools but it also contains plenty of information that could be useful for parents and carers. For example, there’s a section called “Helping children cope with anxiety, a resource for parents/carers” (please tap the image to view it in full):

The city council will also be running an online training event on the anxiety guidance in September. The idea is that it will be available as a webinar for schools, groups, colleges, etc to find and listen to/watch perhaps as a training session for staff.

While the event is aimed primarily at schools, parents and carers can also take part. It is a two-hour event but there will be question and answer sections to make the session feel less like a lecture.

Below is the official event description from the local authority:

This session will define what Anxiety Based School Avoidance is, look at the factors that cause anxiety in a child/young person, and give tools and strategies on how to identify and support improvements. Presented by educational psychologists, local authority and health professionals.

You can book a free ticket using the button below:

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