The past year has seen us develop a strong relationship with Manchester’s Educational Psychology service. In this article, Audrey Johnson and Abigail Sterne, educational psychologists from One Education Educational Psychology Service, share their thoughts about co-producing with the forum.

In Co-Production week, as Educational Psychologists (EPs) we celebrate our partnership with the marvellous Manchester Parent Carer Forum. From the start, we met with enthusiasm and deep commitment from parents wishing to help other parents. And what did parents want from us? Easier access to EPs was up there, so the PCF supported our attendance at Virtual SEND drop-ins during lockdown. More recently, for efficiency, there have been back-to-back, ‘bookable’ Zoom calls (administered by the PCF).

What else? Parents requested EP-led workshops:

Each step of the way, the content is co-planned with PCF members. Discussions are productive and draft presentations go past the watchful eye of the forum, who have the knack of knowing what will help parents and can usually add their own ‘gems’ based on their conversations with parents and chalkface experiences of parenting.

As for the future … we are longing to get back to some ‘live’ workshops so that sessions can be more interactive and so that we can meet some of the wonderful parents we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know online.

We still have places left for the FREE “Working with Your Child During the Summer Holidays” workshop.

You can book your place by clicking on the image below:

The background shows a swimming pool with a blue donut inflatable and a red ball floating on it. The foreground shows the title and date of this event at the top, and One Education's and MPCF's logos at the bottom. | Photo credit: Joe Calata via