Work is currently under way to develop the Greater Manchester Autism Hub, led by Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT), who have been awarded the role of lead provider around autism for Greater Manchester (GM). As part of this development, the Social Communication Pathway (SCP) diagnostic teams for Manchester, the community learning disability team in CAMHS, and the new Intensive Support Team will be co-located with Manchester Parent Carer Forum and Greater Manchester Autism Consortium (GMAC) in one building.

While the building is being developed, work is also ongoing to develop the GM Autism Hub website, including the hub’s logo. The hub will also have a wider GM remit, responsible for developing and auditing standards for pre- and post-diagnostic care across the region.

The group commissioned some autistic young people from Digital Independent Specialist College (DISC) to design a few logos, which we are now happy to present for everyone to vote on. There are three main designs and a few colourways to choose from.

Please visit or scan the QR code below to vote for your favourite design. The survey will close at the end of Sunday, the 3rd of March 2024.