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The Social Communication Pathway (SCP) Team is a multi-agency team which assesses social communication difficulties in children and young people living in Manchester. If a young person or their family thinks they might be autistic, this team will make an assessment to see if they meet the criteria for a diagnosis of Autism.

Below are some articles and events on our website that are related to the SCP:

Under-5 Autism Assessment Pathway Discussion

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT) is currently looking to develop a specialist autism team for Early Years (i.e., under-5s). As with the Social Communication Pathway, they are looking to run a pilot, testing out some new ways of working in one area of the

Social Communication Pathway FAQs

Last March, we held a virtual Question-and-Answer session with the Social Communication Pathway (SCP) Team so that parents and carers can learn more about this new autism assessment pathway in Manchester. A few parents joined us at the session and we were joined by:

Virtual Q&A Regarding Social Communication Pathway

Following last year's approval of the new Social Communication Pathway (SCP) for Manchester, we have been working with the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) to run a parent/carer session where you will be able to ask questions you may have about this new

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Review of Social Communication Pathway Diagnostic Reports

Manchester's Autism Board are reviewing how they write their diagnostic reports for the Social Communication Pathway (SCP) and are looking for parents to join the panel that looks into what the reports should look like. The panel's meeting will be on 11th March, 9:30-11am,

Review of Social Communication Pathway Diagnostic Reports

We are looking for parents/carers to join a panel that will review how diagnostic reports for the Social Communication Pathway (SCP) are written. The panel's meeting will be on 11th March, 9:30-11am, and we would like to invite 2 parents/carers to join the forum in

Co-production with Children’s Community Health Services

We recently invited various partners from Manchester's Education, Health and Care services to reflect and share with us how co-production has helped them deliver SEND (Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities) provision to our families. Below is a message from Laila Baig (Head of Service Children

Improved Social Communication Pathway in Manchester

We recently received great news that, because the Social Communication Pathway pilot in South Manchester has improved the experience and wait time for children and young people undergoing assessment for autism, the pathway has now been approved for a city-wide roll out. This means