The Early Years Social Communication Pathway (EY SCP) introduces a new team assessing for autism in Early Years children (aged up to 5 years) in South Manchester.

It is a pilot project with an aim to find child-friendly efficient ways to complete the assessment and give support to families.

Who is in the team?

The EY SCP team is made up of different professions, including:

  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Health Visitor
  • Mental Health Practitioner
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Paediatrician
  • Speech and Language Therapist

What do they offer?

The Early Years SCP team sees young children to assess for autism and are trying to find quicker ways to complete these assessments.

They also offer a range of interventions, which includes individual interventions, groups and drop-ins.

Other Notes:

  • This new pathway of assessment is currently being piloted in South Manchester. Rollout to the rest of the city or changes to the pathway may happen in the future, depending on the outcomes of the pilot.
  • We are currently working with the EY SCP team and with Manchester’s Designated Clinical Officer (DCO) to develop an information sheet for parents and carers to know more about this new pathway. We will share it here once ready for public sharing.
  • We are also working with the Early Years SCP team to develop a way to evidence if the pilot is making a difference to families’ quality of life. We have co-production sessions scheduled for the 15th of May (face-to-face) and the 22nd of May (virtual). Please join us at either session if you want to get involved.